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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if we found a Christmas tree we love but it doesn't have a price tag. Can we still cut it?
    Please do NOT cut down trees without tags or in restricted areas! Christmas trees take 8-10 years to reach mature height and we must maintain our forecasted numbers for future years. If you take a tree now, there won't be one to replace it next year.
  • Are pets allowed on the premises during our christmas tree hunt?
    Absolutely! All that we ask is that pets are leashed at all times and owners clean up any mess their pets make.
  • Can we bring our own saws to cut down our tree?
    Yes you may bring your own saw, but we provide hand saws for your use.
  • Do you accept debit card/Credit card/Apple Pay?
    We unfortunately do not accept these forms of payment. Please bring cash or check as we do NOT have an ATM on the premises.
  • Do you have any "ball" or landscaping trees for sale?"
    Unfortunately we no longer offer "ball" or landscaping trees as a service.
  • Who should I contact regarding photography shoots for my business?
    For any photography and business inquiries, please contact
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